Just want to share an encounter that I met through Lunch Kaki. I was travelling in Shanghai for a work trip. Feeling bored and lonely, I decided to turn on Lunch Kaki which I use it regularly in Singapore. Neither did I expect to see this user who was 8km away. So I decided to send her lunch request on 14 Sept. I shall call this user "P"

To my surprise, "P" accepted my lunch request on 15 Sept and she was spontaneous and friendly. Immediately we clicked through the chat conversation and arranged to meet that night. We arranged to meet at a hotel near where I stayed as she was more familiar with Shanghai. When I met her at the lobby, there weren't any awkward moments at all. We chatted like old pals perhaps that has something to do with both our personality.

She brought me to this place call No.3 Bar which has good vibes, being under the radar and away from touristy commercial bars. We talked about anything under the sun, debated on government issues (post election debrief :P) , drank our whiskies and shared our life experiences. I admired her courage and maturity having to take on the responsibility of carrying on her family business. Doing business in China has never been easy, she has paid her fair share of dues and drank countless litres of alcohol. She has somehow taught me an inspiration that "there are only things you do not want to do, no such things as you can't do"

Happy times went by quickly and sadly all good things have to come to an end. We had to call it a day as she had to work the next day. She sent me back in Uber (she swear by it). Within 3 minutes, a black BMW 5 series arrived. Taxis are hard to get in Shanghai by the way. I can see why taxi apps such as Didi and Uber are in hot demand!

It was my most random experience in using Lunch Kaki till date and the encounter was totally amazing. Me and "P" would definitely continue our friendship when she is back in Singapore.

If you ask will I use Lunch Kaki again when I am abroad? Definitely a yes. Who knows what will happen, never know what to expect, whom you will meet etc. I shall quote a slogan from Lunch Kaki "Go on send a lunch request, the possibilities are endless." Till then..... !

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