Indonesia, here we come! With an invitiation to Compfest7 happening at Universitas Indonesia, the LK team set off to the quieter town of Depok on an early Friday morning.

We went prepared with interesting games to engage the young Indonesian university audience, ideas which we brainstormed several days before the event, even meticulously creating our very own DIY Lunch Kaki game props! #patonourbacks

The university itself is a juxtapostion of old and new, with a swanky new building and old world hall separated by a surreal gleaming lake at our event place. Really quite un-Indonesian to be honest, haha.

The main stage, and our booth, at Playground event hall. Simple but with prime location next to the entrance, yeah!

The first event day was almost bootcamp-like, where we went without much water and food, which we aptly termed as "shag-athon". One game highlight was our Perkies Match game, where we tranported the students back to good old simple days where they need to match 6 sets of perkies (our own version of sunshine to perk up someone's day). It was absolutely gratifying when we saw how the students enjoyed the game, with lots of laughter, fun and cheers at our booth, stress included. :P Our in-house paparazzi managed to capture some priceless #fml, #didimakeit, #cantbelieveit, and #imadeit moments. Totally hilarious! :)

Cultural Difference #101. Many Indonesian audience were tickled by our name, as "Kaki" means feet in the local langauge. Obviously lunch and feet isnt exactly an enticing combination, haha. This, we already are aware, and deliberation WIP. Countless of #eureka #orh, #ah, #oh moments when we shared that it actually means "Buddy" and "Friend" in colloquial terms in Singapore and Malaysia. Some very creative students even thought we were a food delivery service app! #Flashback - in our last TechInAsia event, an Israeli came laughing to our booth. "Kaki" apparently means excrement or literally "s***" in their language. Zzzzz. Cant help it but "Bluebird", the Indonesian transport operator comes to mind :P

We had a wonderful time during the 2day event, having fun interacting with the students and getting first hand response. A #shoutout to all Indonesians (university students or working community alike) - Go download the app and get the communities going!

BIG hugs to the UI students and till the next Indonesian event! Glad we all had tons of fun!

PS: sorry we arent able to feature all who visited our booth and joined in the fun.

Team Lunch Kaki