Food is not just food. Your serving of meat pie or phad thai has the power to transport you to places as far away as England or Thailand. Similarly, lunch is not just lunch. Your mid-day meal feeds the soul, nourishes the mind, strengthens the body, and sets the stage for good company and great conversation.

There is so much to gain from a well eaten lunch. Here's how to get started:

  1. Pick an eatery
  2. Grab a few Lunch Kakis
  3. Make meaningful conversation

Step 3 is the trickiest to bring about. Time is short and sometimes, it takes a while to move beyond superficial topics like politics, sports, or the weather. That’s where the smol tok card game will come in handy. smol tok is not small talk. Each pack contains 60 meaningful questions that will stimulate the sharing of personal stories and anecdotes – the stuff of life that gives it flavour.

Play a card or two with your lunch kakis and practice the art of meaningful conversation. The smol tok card game is available on at $30.70 (inclusive of delivery) with the promocode kakis.

Team Lunch Kaki