Hey Peeps,

We know how awesome that once you joined the app, lunch requests and perkies keep flying in. But on the other hand, you get annoyed cause your phone keeps vibrating or alerting! Not to worry! We have this automated Smart Alerts feature that if you receive more than a combination of 5 lunch requests or perkies, the 6th onwards will be a silent notification. How cool is that!

You just have to remember to go into the app often if you are that popular :) Cause you may not want to miss out on the lunch requests. Like we always say, the opportunities are endless, you do not know who you will meet!

* Do note that the Smart Alerts do not apply to chat messages notification.

Being masterclass Kakis, we would like to share with you 4 tips on how to use Lunch Kaki more effectively. We are introducing new label filters and this will help you in getting a better response when sending out lunch requests.

1) Peeps, we know how the world is created. Just like how opposite poles attract in magnetic fields. But If we choose our status - Interested in "Friends Only", please do not expect anything more k? We are simply interested in meeting new friends and like minded peeps to increase our network of friends by sharing ideas and knowledge.

2) Yes, we know we created an awesome platform for people to network easily but if your intention is to sell or share something ultimately, please choose in your profile status - Interested in "Business Agenda".

3) Well we always say that the possibilities are endless. If you have no idea why you are here on Lunch Kaki probably you can choose- Interested in "Anything Goes" which means you are open to all kinds of possibilities.

4) Having mentioned the above 3 points, the last point would be - be honest and be yourself. If you have intentionally filled up the not-so-correct "Interested in" status, well, there's bound to be some cross-fire isn't it?

That's all peeps. Enjoy Lunch Kaki and help keep the community growing!

Team Lunch Kaki