Hey Peeps,

Didn't we tell you we love feedback. Oh yes you bet, and there are some interesting ones we love to share with you.

1) The Investigator
He will CSI your app and tell you every single detail about your app, your UX sucks, your execution poor, you app is full of bugs. In short, your app should not be launched and he thinks he can do better than that. LOL.

Our reply to this user: Hey there, we can't wait to try your app hee hee.

2) The Banner
When we say Banner, yeah literally it means he wants to ban everybody in the app thus The Banner. Reason? For flying aeroplane on the agreed lunch meetup.

Our reply to this user: Hey there, sure we will ban them for you :P

3) The Stalker
He complains that other location based apps can pinpoint the exact google locations within XX m while your app doesn't.

Our thoughts to this user: Hmm, why do you want to track exactly where the users are?

4) The Wisher
He wishes that there is a super premium function that will enable him to know all the gals in the app and guarantees him a lunch meetup with every single of them.

Our reply to this user: Hey there, cool suggestion. We will look into it and possibly that will cost alot of $. Do you still want it?

5) The Crasher
He is a user in the app, uses the app like a pro and feedback to you. "Hey why don't I get any matches and why can't I swipe left or right?"

Our reply to this user: Yo dude, this is Lunch Kaki, errrrr not Tinder. :)

Team Lunch Kaki