We had our first ever sponsored dinner event at one of BonAppetour's host. By 8.15pm, everybody arrived. Amrita (host) greeted us warmly just like catching up with old pals. Once inside, we made ourselves comfortable and each lunch kaki introduced themselves to one another as this was our first meeting too. We hit off so well that Amrita thought we were all friends.

Amrita asked: You guys just know each other? (with a surprised look when she found out)
One of us: Yeah, we just met today!

Amrita: How you guys managed to even come here for a dinner then? It's amazing.
One of us: All of us have something in common, we are all Lunch Kaki users. We joined a group function that was created for this dinner and here we are!

Amrita: What's that? Sounds interesting. I am not sure if I am correct, but I am guessing its some sort of a lunch thing?
One of us : You are half right, its actually a social networking app that allows people to find not only lunch buddies but also like minded individuals for meals and activities.

Amrita : Wow, didn't know such app existed haha. Let's start our dinner!

We moved up to the rooftop where we were going to have our sumptuous dinner. Amrita's place was on the 5th floor where they have a unblock view of the neighbourhood. The ambience was tranquil and sort of romantic haha.

Our 2 pretty lunch kakis, this was the only rooftop shots we had taken as the rest were not in good lighting conditions.

Shortly 10 minutes into the dinner, it rained unexpectedly. We had to make a hasty departure back to the living room. Just like any like minded individuals, all of us knew what to do helping each other grabbing the plates, drinks and bags etc.

This was the picture we took in the living room when we came down to continue our dinner.

Chickpeas cookies

Chapati with superb chicken curry

On average, each of us ate at least 4 pieces. This tells you how good it was.

This generous serving of biryani was cooked in a traditional pressure cooker from India which will emit a loud hissing sound during cooking. It had us all puzzled except Rohit which explained to us that was the norm lol.

We chatted happily over the food, there were debates on movies, whether star wars was worth the watch, about our jobs, the ups and downs. Rohit shared his journey on the rocky times after graduating with Masters and couldn't find a job easily. Now he is happily working in a MNC. He said " Now I will help whenever I can if I know any of my friends are looking for jobs, as I have been through the dark times. Its important to continue to know more friends and expand your network. " Dons't this sounds familiar? We can't agree more at Lunch Kaki :D

All good things had to come to an end, much as we want to stay on, it was already 11.30pm!

Wefie at the door with Amrita before leaving. All of the lunch kakis were being driven home by our own "uber" hee hee. Overall the experience was unique - good company, good food and good host! What more can we ask for? Till then.......

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