Hey Peeps,

Its been a while since we last update this blog. Wondering where we went? Hahaha. We have been in hibernation for the past 5 months in some secluded mountains where we are rebuilding our app to bring you the best what Lunch Kaki can offer.

Since launching the app back in Nov 2014, responses have been mixed. There were 2 camp of thoughts. Some thought the idea was pretty cool, to be able to meet new friends during lunch time. While naysayers thought it was daunting or rather is there a need?

Fast forward to now, we are glad that we stick to our passion of connecting likeminded people where we strongly believe the possibilities are endless. Peeps use Lunch Kaki for everything, not only just lunch. It can meet all your needs in finding a Kaki such as breakfast, cafe hopping, dinner, beer, movie, gym or everything "Kaki". LOL

We are proud of what we are doing and we are sure you peeps benefited from it as well :D We want you to spread the joy of knowing new friends and share the exciting lunches or activities that you had with fellow Lunch Kakis by getting your friends to download our new app soon. Watch out for Lunch Kaki 2.0

The Possibilities Are Endless.

Team Lunch Kaki