Hey Peeps,

We all know there is a certain degree of butterflies in the tummy be it the first day at work if you are a newbie fresh grad who have just entered the work force, the intern who scored a job attachment or the experienced candidate we call it the "old bird".

Here are the 7 survival tips from the "been there done that" peeps to ensure a smooth transition.

1) Always recce your new work place prior to the first day of reporting at work. You might have already done so during the interviews, otherwise it will be good to plan your mode of transport and journey given the frequent train breakdowns or frantic searching of uber/grab promo codes in the morning. You do not want to be late on the first day!

2) Be nice and smile to all your new colleagues when you meet them 😃 Even though you might not be able to remember all their names. The immediate ones will be those siting around you. If you have a mentor/buddy to help you settle down that will be perfect.

3) Once you have settled on your desk, logon to your pc and settle all the admin stuffs. Usually there are a few credentials you need to use like your email, intranet, Hr matters and how to apply leave (yes yes , first day at work already thinking of how to apply leave)

4) Next, checkout the pantry and toilet. This is the time to take a breather after acting busy with your admin stuffs hehe. Make friends with the pantry auntie if there is or make yourself some hot drinks to perk yourself up for the rest of day.

5) Ask your superior/mentor if there is anything you can read on to familarise with the work that you be doing. Usually they will be busy as they have their own stuffs to attend to. You will be left alone and initiative takes up a big part in this area. Take note if you are joining in as manager or team lead roles, you need to be able to extract information quickly from your team mates and understand each of their roles and processes.

6) By this time, its probably everybody's favourite time. Lunch time! Usually there will be colleagues asking you to join them for lunch. Or you can initiate and ask who's going for lunch together. Its good to have the first few lunches with new colleagues as you try to blend in. You will get to know everybody better and able to see who can click with you.

7) In the unlikely event that you did not get to join anybody for lunch and do not want to eat alone. Fret not, this is what we are here for! Download Lunch Kaki, we have a growing community and we are sure you can find kakis to have meals with. Did we just say no more awkward moments? 😋

Team Lunch Kaki