Hey there!

We are bringing you this awesome initiative from the peeps of Makan Bus! Ever wondered why there isn't a bus that brings people on an awesome food hunt trail to the paradise of hidden local delights? Well, Makan Bus is the answer and its here for you to hop on!

Lunch Kaki is organising an event exclusively for our users to hop onto Makan Bus and join us on a social foodie hunt. Uniting foodies have always been our passion and we hope our Lunch Kakis can take this opportunity to broaden your social circle by jumping onboard this not-to-be-missed opportunity!

Details of the Social Foodie Hunt
Date: 17 Sept 2016
Meeting Point: Orchard Gateway
Event timing: 1030 - 1500
Stopovers: 4 (you are free to travel to all 10 stops as its a day pass)
Tickets are at a discounted price of S$23 each, usual price S$28 (for day pass only). Any additional costs e.g. food/drinks are borne on your own.

Look who in our Lunch Kaki community have already jumped onboard!





Join us for an awesome experience!

You can find out more on Makan Bus here

Team Lunch Kaki