Hey peeps, it's been awhile! Happy 2019. Let us kick start the year by teaching you how to navigate through the Kakis app and meeting the right people. We will teach you how to avoid the SALES PEEPS. Below are the tell tale signs.

1) This user is likely to be a female.
Well we are not saying there are no male users who are doing sales, but statistics have shown that most of the sales peeps in the app are females.

2) The user "SUPER ENTHU" would like to meet you
This user would at every opportunity suggest to meet up and follow up with you regularly to suggest a meet up. RED ALERT.

3) They are usually in these job categories. "Self employed", "Insurance", "Sports and Fitness" and "Beauty"
They could of cause disguise themselves and choose their profiles in other categories, but usually they are in these categories.

4) During the chat conversation, they claimed to be ecommerce entrepreneurs themselves. RED ALERT.

5) Lastly, if you missed the above points and somehow you have arranged an actual meeting. During the meet-up, the user will ask questions that will lead to her/his sales pitch. Be smart, tell the user you are going off to the rest rooms and head for the run. LOL