Hey Peeps,

It's been 5 years since Kakis (Lunch Kaki) is running. We just say it was not easy to stay afloat 5 years bootstrapping. We have seen many of our local competitors come and go. All flushed with cash and ambition at the onset. But all have tried and failed with a common reason- the creators thought they understood the users well and burnt cash with excessive marketing.

Do not get us wrong, we have yet to crack the winning formula too but we are blessed with a unique proposition that our app holds- that is bringing like-minded friends together over meals and activities. To date, many of our users have met interesting peeps from all walks of life and made great friends amongst one another. We are truly happy that what we envisioned 5 years ago has become the "social norm" now.

We would like to share what we have been up to the past 1.5 years. To our surprise there's little innovation and disruption in the social networking app scene. Apart from the endless buying of "digital gifts" in live streaming platforms, to countless of profile swiping waiting for matches, there isn't something that interacts, excites and engages the user. This led us to think and believe what we are launching now -Feedbo-, will set the stage for future social networking apps.

Feedbo is an intelligent in-app 3D pet that grows when you feed it. It comes with enormous powers that we like to think the sky's the limit in what Feedbo can achieve to make your life more entertaining and perhaps kill the random boredom that everyone feels occasionally.

Just to give you an example of how Feedbo can help in your quest in making new friends. It can help you connect to fellow kakis according to your preferences and even start conversations so that new connections are made much easier!

Enough said, we shall leave you to discover the magic of Feedbo yourself!

Download here for IOS.

Andriod users, sorry gotta wait, we promise it won't be long.

Team Kakis