1) What is Kakis? Ans: Kakis is a local slang for buddies. Whethere you are looking for like-minded peeps to join you for an impromptu lunch or coffee-run? Or perhaps you want to try something new, like yoga or wine tasting, but find it boring doing it by yourself. With Kakis, you are never alone! Be part of an ever-growing Kakis community. The possibilities are endless!

2) Is Kakis a global app? Ans: There are plans in place to bring it global. Currently, you can register and use the app in your home country and search for Kakis to send requests to. It is important to select the country you are registering from as you will only see the users in the registered country.

3) Can I use Kakis when I travel to other countries? Ans: Yes, you can. Go to More --> Account --> Country, just select the country you are in and you will be able to start finding Kakis.

4) How is Kakis different from other social networking apps? Ans: With Kakis, our aim is to help you find like-minded friends (similar Kakis) to join you in meals like Lunch, Dinner, impromtu coffee-runs or simply activities such as gym, art jamming, movies, cafe-hopping and Karaoke etc. The list goes on.

5) What is Search by Keywords? Ans: You can search by using keywords such as a User's display name, the words in User's Bio, or Industries and Interests.

6) What is Group? Ans: You can now initiate a group eats/activity and make meetups ever more interesting with up to 5 fellow users. Simply indicate the venue/info, number of members, date and time and wait for users to join in the fun.

7) What is Last Min? Ans: Switch on Last Min to notify people you are available for a meetup spontaneously. Similarly, you will be able to see those who are available spontaneously as well.

8) What is a Perkie? Ans: Perkies are virtual powerups in the form of burger, coffee or cake which users can send to fellow users for encouragement, support or just plain fun.

9) What is Profile Status? Ans: You can set your status to the 3 available statuses and the corresponding Perkie will be lighted accordingly shown to users.

10) Why can't I use the camera to take picture for profile picture or fun selfie? Ans: For Iphone, go to Settings --> Kakis --> On the Camera

For Android, go to Settings --> Apps --> Kakis --> Permissions --> Enable Camera - Location - Storage

11) How many Requests can I send a day? Ans: At the moment is 20.

12) How many Perkies can I send a day Ans: At the moment is 20.

13) How does the Filter work? Ans: There are currently 7 filters Anything Goes, Friends Only, Business Agenda, Distance, Interests, Popular and Recently Joined. Users are able to filter accordingly.
        For the Gender and Industry Filter, it is a 2-way filter meaning if you uncheck a particular gender/ industry, they will not be able to search for you as well.

14) Why am I unable to send a request to the same user within a 4 hour period? Ans: This is to ensure all users are assured of a conducive social networking platform and are protected against spam-like requests.

15) Am I able to hide myself from being searched in Kakis? Ans: Yes, all you need to do is set your status for “Unavailable” to either “4 hours” or “Always” (your preferred duration of being invisible to other Kaki users). However, do note that you will not be able to send any request / perkie when you are invisible.

16) How can I block a user? Ans: For both IOS and Andriod, just click on the top right icon of a user profile.

17) How can I unblock a user? Ans: For IOS, go to More--> Blocklist--> Swipe at the user and click unblock
        For Andriod, go to More--> Blocklist--> Press and hold at the user and click unblock

18) What happens when I blocked a user? Ans: Do note the below:
       - You will not see the blocked user in Kakis search,
       - All lunch requests/chats with the blocked user will be deleted, and
       - You will not be searchable by the blocked user.

19) What happens when I delete a chat? Ans: When you delete a chat, you will not receive any new messages from your Kaki of the deleted chat, even if he/she sends new messages to you in his/her chat. This is because Kakis is meant to be a social networking app that facilitates the connection and meet-up between individuals or groups rather than pure chatting. This is also the reason why there is no user contact list. Our basic chat functions are to encourage and faciltiate users to meet offline.

20) Can I deactivate the account once I have signed up? Ans: Yes, you can. You can go into the app and deactivate the account. Once deactivated, your profile will no longer be searchable on Kakis till you reactivate your account.

21) Do I need Internet connection to use Kakis? Ans: Yes, 3G/ Wifi is required as Kakis uses geolocation function to locate users near you.

22) Why I couldn't see any users after logging in? Ans: As Kakis works on geo location to search for users. You need to go to your handphone settings and enable location. Thereafter you will be able to see the users.
For Android Users, if you are still unable to search kakis, please follow the steps below in the pictures.
       1) Go to location and choose the “Mode”
       2) Choose “High Acurracy”
       3) Checked on the Agree “Improve Location Accuracy”

For IOS Users, You will need to click allow to enable location access from Kakis

23) Why don't I get notifications? Ans: When you download the app initially, you will need to click OK to allow/accept notification from Kakis.

Subsequently you can check the below following
For IOS, you will need to on the following buttons which you can access in Settings --> Kakis --> Notifications

For Andriod, you will need to check Show notifications, which you can access in Settings --> Apps --> Kakis --> Notifications - Uncheck all options

24) Why I do not receive notification on my Andriod Phone even though I have allowed notification and I am on 3G/4G? Ans: There are 2 options available: 1st option is to do a factory reset of the phone. Please consider this option carefully as you may loose all data and information.
2nd option:
       1) Go to Android Settings Application
       2) Under Device session
       3) Tap Sounds and notifications
       4) Scroll down to Application notifications
       5) Tap Kakis
       6) Move the slider to turn on Set as priority option

25) How do I get password for Kakis if I have logged in via Facebook? Ans: You can go to the More --> Account and click on Get Password.

26) If I use Facebook to log in, what info is being imported from Facebook? Ans: Only basic information such as your Facebook profile name, display picture, gender, date of birth, country location and email will be imported to Kakis.

27) How do the Alerts work in Kakis? Ans: The main alert pertains to “Notification status”- if you set it as “off”, you will not receive any notification from Kakis. For “General promotions” alerts, they are notifications sent from Kakis admin where you will receive updates of new information/promotions/events. Should you decide not to receive such updates, you can set it to “off”.

28) How do Smart Alerts work? Ans: Even if you have set app notification as on, the 6th requests onwards during the day will be silent. This is automatic to prevent users from feeling overwhelmed by notification alerts.

29) Is there support and feedback in Kakis? Ans: Yes, you can send in your feedback via the feedback function in Kakis. Alternatively, you can email to kakis@gokakis.com